Christmas holiday music is the only purely seasonal musical tradition we have in America. A vast repertoire of songs is heard at the same time each year. This seasonal song tradition has grown so strong that it encompasses every genre of music and runs the gamut of emotions – from heartfelt embrace of the season’s spirit to cynical rejection of it.  Songs that call the faithful to praise the birth of Jesus or wish good will and peace for all mankind are played back-to-back with songs about Grandma being run over by a reindeer or Mommy being kissed by Santa Claus. 

Here at WOWD/Takoma Radio, there’s an unprecedented variety of holiday music.  Our  programmers, pulling from their own collections, dip into holiday catalogs from jazz, reggae, folk, rock, blues, soul, country, Latin, world music, and more. We have holiday tunes from many traditions, and plenty of homegrown tracks from DMV artists. Are you tired of forced cheerfulness and Xmas muzak? Tune to 94.3 for a 24/7 unique mix of music that includes a selection of little known holiday songs.  This, Dear Listener, is our Christmas gift to you.

marika partridge