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Our studio is located at 7014 Westmoreland Ave. in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Our studio is located at 7014 Westmoreland Ave. in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Takoma Radio is a project of the non-profit Historic Takoma Inc. In November 2013,  Historic Takoma applied to the Federal Communications Commission for a Low Power FM broadcasting license, and in January 2015 permission was granted to build WOWD-LP at 94.3FM.  The station went live on July 16, 2016,  broadcasting 24 hours a day in a 3-7 mile radius of Takoma Park, and streaming online globally at We have a unique and vibrant community that now has a real time voice. Our coverage area is a multi-jurisdictional international crossroads, including neighborhoods in NE and NW DC, and MoCo and PG. We provide a hyper-local FM radio alternative to a potential audience of 250,000 local listeners.

The programming will be by, for, and about people of all ages, types and backgrounds, representing the diverse population of our listening area. A source of live local information presented by live local people, we will share stories and music. We will frame and inform the present by including archival sounds and stories from Historic Takoma and other local audio collections. As a community, we are established, new. urban, suburban, black, white, Latino, African, Asian, European, West Indian, rich, poor, young, old. Dig into our community's stories at

LP is Low Power FM radio, which is regular FM radio with a less powerful signal. LPFM operates at 100 watts or less and reaches two to five miles. Nationally,there are over 2000 LPFMs are licensed. Historic Takoma applied in 2013, in the first LPFM "give-away" in the DC area. Frequencies are scarce, additional rules apply, and Takoma Radio is highly prepared.


We are a project of Historic Takoma Inc and our mission is to offer hyper-local, non-commercial radio to a diverse, multi-jurisdictional urban community, consisting of neighborhoods within our limited coverage area in Northeast and Northwest DC, and Prince George’s and Montgomery counties in Maryland; and to include individuals, groups, issues, stories, music and history that are overlooked or under-represented by other media. We promote cooperation, tolerance, and dialogue.

Takoma Radio is grateful to hundreds of individual supporters for donations, to the Takoma Foundation for grant assistance, and to Historic Takoma Inc for standing strong for community radio.