The Groove Line

Shake off the week that was and jump start the weekend on Friday nights at 6pm with host T. Willy Will and his soulful show The Groove Line.  T. Willy gives us positivity, love and great music from a variety of African-American genres, heavy on soul and R&B. 

T. Willy came from a  big family and remembers moving his mom’s stereo to the front door so his family and friends could dance in the yard while he spun the tunes. Serving in the Army during Vietnam, he played music for the GIs, and later he started his own DJ business, T. Willy Will on the Wheels of Steel.   

He grew up in Oklahoma, just above the Texas Panhandle, listening to country music, soul music, Wolfman Jack, and his mother's “back in the day music.” He says, “I’m a country boy. We were raised to care about people, it didn’t matter who they were, what color they were. We were taught to love people.” 

Eventually, his groove quest led him to WOWD, and we're so glad! Special thanks to T. Willy Will's niece, D’Nicole of Sounds of Soul (alternate Sundays 8-10pm) for bringing such groove to our radio community.  

Profile by Reid Cramer
Photo by Todd Weinstein

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