New Programs! (Same WOWD!)

Jack Hairston, a 14-year old graduate of WOWD’s URadio youth training program, will host a music variety show Fridays at 4pm, starting May 18.  

DJ Quartermaine brings club DJ skills to Sunday late night radio (11pm) starting May 20. Uncle Q’s Living Room features R&B, funk, and soul. 

Julz Silverman’s Bohemian Groove replaces M&M Musical Magazineon alternate Thursdays at 7pm, starting June 7. Julz is an artist whose setlists explore music that feeds the process of creating visual art. (Former M&M host Marika Partridge is now on every Tuesday at 10am with the eclectic Check-In Time.)

WOWD welcomes Steve Korn, joining Bobby Hill as host of This! Music (Saturdays 10am). Steve heads RhizomeDC, an experimental arts and performance space in Takoma.  And a warm welcome to Brian Weber, joining the host team of Musical Traditions Encounter (Sundays 5-7pm.)

Web Team