Matt Testa hosts Coda, a showcase of contemporary classical music every other Wednesday at 6pm on WOWD. He's also a member of the Programming Committee, assessing program applications and tracking existing shows.

By day, Matt is an archivist at the Arthur Friedheim Library at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. He grew up in a musical home in Buffalo, N.Y.  He and his siblings all played instruments: clarinet, piano, flute, and percussion. He majored in Music in college, and then got a Master's in Musicology. Contemporary classical music fascinates him.  “With new music, you don’t know what to expect,” says Matt. “I don’t necessarily respond well to the difficult or dissonant, but I do appreciate the challenge.”

Matt's current listening includes “Become Ocean” by John Luther Adams, and the Now Ensemble’s newly released “Rounder Songs,” which Matt describes as a blend of folk and classical that “hits a sweet spot " - reminiscent of Aaron Copeland’s “Appalachian Spring.”  Tune in Wednesdays from 6-8pm for Coda with Matt Testa. Coda alternates with Classic Armenian Dipthongs, another unique program presenting off-the-beaten-track music. 

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